Just around 2012 is when I received a lesson of a lifetime, to appreciate culture differences and how very deep they can get.

It’s not that I haven’t been exposed to cultures outside of mine till that point. I have lived in Texas as a child, I have been positioned in Korea when working for a major Semiconductor manufacturer, and I have traveled the world both for business and with my family for pleasure. …

Your Value, Not Your Title

Photo by Andreas NextVoyagePL
Photo by Andreas NextVoyagePL

A tribe of Cannibals arrives at New York City.

They wonder the streets looking for a dream job, something to get them out of their difficult tribe life and duties they had back at the jungle.

After several weeks, good luck comes their way, and they all get accepted to work for a nice fancy high tech company.

On their first day at work they get to meet the HR director whom greets them and provides them with the on-boarding tour for new employees. While walking around the company the HR director tells the tribe…

When I started doing the exact opposite from what everyone said

Our favorite and never missed winter ritual, is leaving the kids at home for a long weekend and having some time for ourselves. I am referring to my wife and I when we plan a long weekend to a location with Christmas atmosphere. Every year, different place. This time, we went to lovely Budapest. The Christmas market of Budapest is one of the most popular in Europe at winter time and where I come from that’s a big attraction for us. …

During the last several years working in the global corporate world I have come across a repeating challenge for distributed coders to efficiently work together as early as the beginning of their ramp up.

I’ve seen situations such as the following many times: A projects begins, the teams and resources are pulled together, on-boarding as a group with a mutual critical mission, but the harmony of work between the coders is still difficult to create. There simply isn’t a good solid ‘working together atmosphere’ among the coders whom eventually need to deliver one product with the same look & feel.

This is what it would be

Williams Martini Racing

If you were to encapsulate the essence of efficiency into one simple sentence, what would it be?

The Formula-1 Grand Prix motor race has something to teach us technologists, when it comes to our software and Agile delivery teams.

My one sentence will come…

The 19th of June 2016 was a special day historical day in Baku, Azerbaijan. The European Grand Prix Formula One motor race was held on that day. The race marked the 23rd running of the European Grand Prix of the Formula One World Championship. And first run ever of the…

In the next 5 years…

When imagining the use of Agile over the next 5 years, there is first a need to shortly look at the use of Agile today and where it started from.

Agility was always a desire of the development teams, wanting to close loops much quicker and cut through the ‘red tapes’ of their organizational bureaucracy. That ‘revolution’ of developers practicing lean engineering methods cascaded from the bottom upwards to the ‘evolution’ of Agile, which has now become the desire of many managements, whether they fully understand it or not.

Those same managers running the most…

And why half the world has nothing to eat while the other half eats too much

Close your eyes, and imagine. Ho …. You have a point there. If you close your eyes you will not be able to continue reading. So forget that, carry on reading and close your eyes after you have finished reading this paragraph.

Doing just that, I try imagining my own self, only twenty years from now. What am I doing right now? What am I wearing? Which thoughts are keeping me busy? Is it anything related to the problem I have at work right…

And so can you

Photo by Jake Bradley

The days of working from home, every day, all day, have already opened our eyes and minds to so much. Tools we started using for communicating remotely, know-hows and best practices that are being practiced by millions of people, time management between work and family, and much more. Things have changed to the extent, that I doubt if we will ever behave the same going forward, long after this world crisis will be over.

But there is one lesson, one shining light, that I have realized and embraced as a present for life, one that I…

Seems like everything has been written about effective one-on-one meetings. There are classes available, workshops suggesting ultimate know-hows, and experts offering their services to corporate and HR managers.

I have personally been through a couple of such workshops at two different companies which lasted several hours each. Several hours… too much. That’s because when removing aside the long lists of tips and principles it eventually comes down to doing two things when you want a one-on-one meeting to be great: Be yourself, and apply the following four guidelines.

1. Set the scene. Keep it informal.

The first thing you want to do is set the scene and…

And their 4 areas of responsibility

Whether you work with a Project Manager or you are one, you may have wondered: Is there a need for a Project Manager in my Agile organization? And if so, where does that value become most realized?

The Project Manager role is changing, constantly, and with a tight relation to the change in the overall project world.

The days where a Project Manager would instruct the delivery on what to do, in which priority, and when, are declining. In the era of Agile software development it comes down to a much closer ‘working together’ relationship where everyone needs to contribute…

Amir Elkabir

I Work With Multi-Cultures To Build Incredible Products. www.amirelkabir.com

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